6 Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

6 Tips for Selling Your Home in WinterAlthough winter is not prime time for showing and selling a house in Vermont, there are distinct advantages to showing your home during the winter months. This is the time to show it at its very best—cozy, warm, and welcoming. Based on my personal experience selling homes in Vermont, here are my very own 6 tips for selling your home in winter.

6 Tips for Selling Your Home in WinterBoot Tray

Purchase and attractive boot tray for inside the front door. Here’s one I especially like from Gardener’s Supply. Boot trays are a signal that visitors should remove their snow-covered footwear and leave it at the door, and reminds them that you have taken good care of your home.

6 Tips for Selling Your Home in WinterPlow and Shovel

Keep your driveway plowed and your sidewalks cleared of snow. There’s nothing less inviting or dangerous than expecting potential buyers to tromp through deep snow just to get to your house. If you’re an out-of-state homeowner you may need to hire a property management service to take care of this important detail.

Leave the Heat On

If you are selling your primary residence this is probably not a concern, as your heat will most likely be on. But if you’re a second homeowner, keep the thermostat set at a conservative 55 degrees. There’s nothing worse that walking into an empty house that’s as could inside as it is outside.

Stash Some Towels

Be sure to leave a towel or mop by the front door so the agent can be sure no one leaves mud, dirt, or snow behind. You will be glad you did!

6 Tips for Selling Your Home in WinterBake Something Decadent

You know that old story about baking cookies just before a showing? Well, it works, especially on cold days. There is nothing more nostalgic than walking into a home and smelling the aroma of chocolate chip cooking fresh from the oven. It’s probably not necessary to do this every time you have a showing, but if it’s a return prospect it might be worth it.

Turn Up the Ambiance

If you have as wood stove or fireplace, load them up and bring on the ambiance! If not, light a balsam- or cinnamon-scented candle. This as an atmosphere you simply cannot create in the summer.

See how easy it can be to stage your house in the winter? There is no better time than the present. If you’re ready to sell your house now, give me a call at 802-858-9195 or send an email. Let’s show those potential buyers how wonderful your home is in Vermont’s winter wonderland.

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Lea Van Winkle, Realtor

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