8 Kitchen Trends for Remodelers

2014 kitchen remodeling trends

Granite counter tops and hardwood floors are the favorites of kitchen remodelers.

I recently read a blog called 8 Kitchen Trends for Remodelers, posted on Realtor Mag’s blogspot. The blog was based on a survey, conducted by Houzz, of over 7,000 people who were planning to remodel their kitchens. If you are planning to sell your home, you might find the blog interesting, as it reflects what people are looking for in kitchens. Below is my to-the-point interpretation of the 8 kitchen trends for remodelers. You can read the entire blog here.

8 Kitchen Trends for Remodelers

  1. Homeowners are scaling down the size of their kitchens and adding islands to make them feel bigger.
  2. Over two-thirds of those surveyed want a kitchen that opens to other rooms.
  3. Granite is still the most popular counter top and quartz is second.
  4. Mixing materials is becoming a more popular fad in the kitchen, such as mixing stainless steel appliances with appliances in other finishes, and having an island counter top that is different from other counter tops.
  5. Kitchen colors are still conservative. Muted and pastels, please.
  6. Younger homeowners prefer contemporary kitchens.
  7. Hardwood floors are the favorite, followed closely by tile.
  8. Over half of home owners say eco-friendly appliances and materials are important.

If you’re thinking about selling your house and your kitchen needs an upgrade, keep these 8 kitchen trends for remodelers in mind. Remodeling an outdated kitchen could be all it takes to tip the scales in favor of a sale.

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