Boyden Valley Winery

Boyden Valley Winery, Cambridge, Vermont

The Boyden Valley Winery is located in a restored 1875 carriage barn at the Boyden Farm in Cambridge, Vermont. The Boyden Farm is a family farm that has operated as a traditional Vermont beef and dairy farm for many years. Fortunately, Boyden family members had the foresight to think out of the box when considering the future of their land in a time when Vermont farms are disappearing like water down the drain. They had a vision to turn their farm into a vineyard. The Boyden Winery became a reality 15 years ago, and just the other day I had the good fortune to enjoy a wine tasting there.

The Wine Tasting Experience

I have driven by this winery many times and I have seen the signs for “wine tastings today,” but it took a friend to convince me to come along and sample their offerings.

When I bellied up to the bar, the first question I asked myself was, “Why haven’t done this before?” I have been to wine tastings in California and the Finger Lakes of New York and even in Germany, yet I had never bothered to stop and check out the winery right here in my own back yard! Thank you Kate! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

For $7 you can sample seven of their fourteen flavors. Since there were two of us, we each took seven and shared our tastes. I actually enjoyed several of their wines, even the sweet ones. Before I talk about my favorite, I want to first talBoyden Valley Wine Glassk about the experience.

I am still amazed that the winery is just a mere eight miles away from where I live and that I never took advantage of the wine tasting or even their wines. It is fun to stand at the counter and have someone pour you a sample and tell you all about the wine as you taste it. You cleanse your palate and try another, while listening to a wonderful explanation of the grapes, varietals, and blends. At the end of the tasting you even get a nice wine glass to take home!

Boyden Valley Big Barn Red wineMy New Favorite

Not only is the wine made right in Cambridge, Vermont, but many of our local stores carry their wines. In fact I now insist that the Underhill Country Store carry my favorite, which, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is… BIG RED BARN, as the title of this blog suggests.

After the wine tasting, surprise!… I bought a couple of bottles of Big Red Barn. I am a rebel and don’t care if I am eating meat or fish or pasta. I always drink red wine and now I make sure that the Underhill Country Store carries Big Red Barn for me. My husband has never been to the winery either, and I am going to bring him out for a date and enjoy our local winery and some really good wines. He can decide what his favorite wine is.

The Boyden family also rents their attractive barns for functions and parties. It was well worth the time I took to visit this family farm. So, while our area of Vermont is very rural and entertainment tends towards outdoor activities or gathering with friends, a great and wonderful “date” or experience can be had at the Boyden Valley Winery. Visit it soon on your own, or contact me. I’ll go with you!

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