Buying a Vermont Home

Buying a home in Vermont

Buying a Vermont Home

Thinking about buying real estate anywhere in Vermont? If you’re looking for a residential, relocation, lakefront, or Vermont vacation home, we can help! My years of Vermont real estate experience can help you locate, evaluate, make an offer on, and buy your next home. I know the Vermont real estate market in Underhill, Jericho, Richmond, Bolton, Huntington, Cambridge, Jeffersonville, Burlington, Essex, Williston, and Winooski, and I’d love to put my expertise to work for you!

Why work with me?

As a buyer, you’re looking for the perfect Vermont property that meets your unique and specific needs. Of course, your dream home or Vermont property may or may not already be on the market. And while some real estate agents can help you find what’s already been listed, Pleasant Valley Real Estate can go well beyond that! Having lived in Underhill, Vermont for over 20 years, I know the region well, and my deep community involvement and established relationships mean a constant line on properties emerging into the Vermont real estate market.

Whether you’re looking to buy a colonial in a family neighborhood, a condominium, a designer home, a multi-family, a vacation home, an investment property, new construction, land, or a luxury home, Pleasant Valley Real Estate is the right choice in Vermont. When you work with Pleasant Valley Real Estate, my personal approach, expanded digital marketing, and tight community connections will help you find your dream Vermont property as quickly as possible, and with a minimum of stress!

If you are ready to buy a Vermont home, or are looking to relocate to Vermont, we can help you find your dream home, and work with you on all the details.

Buying a Vermont home? Important Information: An Attorney is Required

As my father once said, “Why would you ever purchase or sell something as important as real estate without good legal advice?” Some states do not require or use an attorney, but in Vermont, we use attorneys to provide the examination of title, showing it to be free and clear of encumbrances, in order to deliver a Vermont warranty deed at closing. The purchaser’s attorney examines the title, and the seller’s attorney prepares the title. Attorneys also work with the lenders in preparation and examination of HUDs closing statement.

Transfer Tax When Buying a Vermont Home

Another important item to be aware of when buying a home in Vermont is the property transfer tax fee, for which all buyers are liable. The fee is based on whether you are purchasing the property as your homestead (primary residence) or non-homestead (Vermont vacation home, rental, commercial). For homestead purchases, the tax breaks down as such: You pay .005% of the first $100,000, and then 1.25% of the balance of the purchase price. So, if your new purchase is a $300,000 loan, you would pay $500 on the first $100,000 and then $2500.00 on the balance of $200,000, for a total of $3000.00. For non-homestead purchases the breakdown is 1.25% on the entire $300,000, for a total of $3750.00.

Other Vermont Home Buying Fees

Other costs to consider would be any fuel or utility pro-rations and property tax pro-rations. Since much of rural Vermont uses onsite water and septic, property taxes and fuel pro-rations are the two main fees of which to be aware.

If you have other questions about buying a home in Chittenden County, contact Lea.