Smuggler’s Notch, my drive to work

Everyday while the weather permits I enjoy the most fabulous drive to work, lately it was looking something like this:   Yes not too bad! Love this drive to work it is incredibly beautiful and I absolutely love the winding and climbing road of Smuggler’s Notch. Route 108 is the road that brings you from [more]

Blog by Lea Van Winkle, Realtor/Broker, Single-Level Home Designs in Underhill, Vermont.

Single-Level Home Designs In Underhill, Vermont

Single-level home designs are one of the most popular house designs in America, and today’s plans are a far cry from your grandmother’s ranch-style house. Today’s single-level home designs are surprisingly elegant and crisp. They allow for easy movement from room to room, as well as to outdoor living spaces, including garages, patios, and porches. [more]

curb appeal and staging

Do Curb Appeal and Staging Really Matter

You’re heard it before: first impressions matter. Curb appeal and staging really are necessary to attract the attention of buyers. As a real estate agent for over 30 years I have had the good, and sometimes bad, opportunity to watch people’s reactions when they see, for the first time, a house they might consider buying. [more]

Cliff House Valentine's Dinner

Cliff House Valentine’s Dinner

Venus aligns with mars, a full moon, a comet, and a lunar eclipse at the 2017 Cliff House Valentine’s Dinner I am sure most people have heard the book title, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray. Well, every now and then the planets align in a very good way and [more]

What is my house worth

What is My House Worth?

Whenever I meet with someone about selling their home, the first thing they ask is, What is my house worth? In other words, they want to know how they should price it. If you are wondering, “What is my house worth?” you really want to know what the going rate is. I call this “determining [more]

Pricing a house

Pricing a Home so There’s Room for Negotiation

A common misconception I often encounter in real estate is that sellers believe they should be pricing a home so there’s room for negotiation. They also tend to perceive their home to be worth more than others think it’s worth. There’s a technical term for this. It’s called The Endowment Effect. It is rare that [more]

Underhill Country Store in summer

Changes at Underhill Country Store

As a resident and real estate agent in Underhill, Vermont, I am pleased to share the news about the future of the Underhill Country Store, where I had an office for 11 years. I was located on the second floor, which was very handy when I was hungry or needed a coffee fix. Or a [more]

Lea Van Winkle - Change is Good

Change is Good

They say that change is good. It can also be challenging and unexpected. Recently, it’s been all three for me. You might have noticed a few subtle changes about my real estate business. Or maybe you’ve noticed some very significant ones. For instance, my license has moved from Underhill to Stowe and my signature field [more]


12 Common Decorating Mistakes

As a real estate agent in Vermont for over 25 years, I have sold a wide range of homes, from basic ranches to restored farmhouses to contemporary estates. Whenever homeowners prepare to sell their homes, a lot of cleaning and organizing transpires. So does a lot of home decorating, and some of that home decorating [more]

Pleasant Valley Real Estate 2014 real estate report

2014 Northwestern Vermont Real Estate Market Report

With the end-of-year holiday season a mere memory, it seems like a good time to reflect on the 2014 Northwestern Vermont Real Estate Market Report for Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties, and the areas that Pleasant Valley Real Estate serves most: Underhill, Cambridge, and Jericho, Vermont. This information is gleaned from the Northwestern Vermont [more]