Spring of 2011 — Lots of Rain and Wind!

With the relentless snowstorms that hammered us this past winter, we thought winters of long ago had returned, but this spring far exceeds anything I have seen in years! Here in Underhill Center, Vermont, we hold bragging rights for our high winds. Uniquely situated below Mt. Mansfield, we seem to be a magnet for huge [more]

Mud Season, the 5th Vermont Season

It is something that our small towns and rural areas in Vermont share and that is a 5th season. Underhill This season runs between winter and spring. We, who live out here and drive our country dirt roads experience more acutely than our urban Vermonters. Affectionately, we refer to this time of year as Mud Season. While we have [more]

Happy Holidays

Season’s Greetings to all! Such a magnificent time of year. Snow is falling and all seems to become very peaceful. Whenever a new season comes rolling in I always exclaim “I love this time of Year!” It is true for every change of season, each has its own special effect. December for me is a [more]

Tax Credit

The final days of the tax Credit are soon approaching. If you are near a decision it would be best to make it quickly as you have until April 30th of this year to put a property under deposit to qualify for the credit, be it a first time home or a move up sale. [more]

Jericho/Underhill Town Meeting Day

TOWN MEETING DAY: WHERE TO GET THE LATEST NEWS! Tuesday March 2nd we all gather at our local voting centers and have an open venue for discusiing such things as town and school budgets, local situations and anything in general that we need to prepare for our coming year.These topics are on the agenda every [more]