Vermont Winter

6 Tips for Selling Your Vermont Home in Winter

Although it is early January 2015, the real estate market is surprisingly active in Vermont. Sellers are eager to sell and buyers are ready to buy. It’s probably the busiest January I’ve seen in my 25 years as a Realtor and broker in Underhill, Vermont. Many people are under the impression that winter is not [more]

Pleasant Valley Real Estate Top 5 Real Estate FAQAs

5 Real Estate FAQAs

FAQAs, is not a typo. FAQAs are Frequently Asked Questions Answered. I should probably file for a copyright on that acronym. But anyway, here are 5 real estate FAQAs my clients at Pleasant Valley Real Estate want to know when purchasing a house. Following the questions are my answers. 1. What is a Pre-Approval Letter? [more]

SS QE3 (Quantitative Easing Round 3)

Low Interest Rates

A word about low interest rates from Pleasant Valley Real Estate guest blogger Anita Lotto.   “The Fed’s economic stimulus effort known as QE3* is pulling into port for good this month. In other words, the economy has stabilized to the point where the Fed believes our free market should once again reign. As the [more]

Pumpkin Carver

My Short Life as a Pumpkin Carver

Artistry is not my strong point and neither are sharp knives. Many years ago my sister-in-law told me I had to learn how to be creative so that I could help my daughter with her school projects. I thought, “Oh-oh, we’re in trouble now.” I’m a real estate agent, not a pumpkin carver! Fortunately my [more]

Pleasant Valley Real Estate Top 10 Real Estate Terms

Top 10 Real Estate Terms You Need to Know

Had I not already been a real estate agent when I bought my first house, I would have needed a copy of Real Estate for Dummies to help me understand the documents I was about to sign. If you’re thinking of becoming a homeowner I suggest brushing up on a few important real estate terms. [more]

Lakefront Property for Sale, South Hero, Vermont

Road Trip to South Hero

Last week the fall foliage was nearing peak where I live in the foothills of Mount Mansfield. It was time to take a drive and photograph all my current listings so future buyers could see what they look like during Vermont’s beautiful leaf-peeping season. I also have one gorgeous lakefront property listing on Lake Champlain, [more]

Vermont Real Estate Market Statistics

As we approach the last quarter of 2014, I thought I’d share the most recent Vermont real estate market statistics report. This report is generated by The Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors® and covers Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties. These reports are published monthly. In summary, the report indicates the real estate market is [more]

Rural Vermont Homes for Sale

Homes and Land for Sale in Rural Vermont

The last time I did a blog on my current listings was four months ago. My goodness, how time flies and things change! I’ve had a significant turnover in my inventory of homes and land for sale in rural Vermont, so I thought it was time for an update on my current listings at Pleasant [more]

Pleasant Valley Real Estate photographer

Real Estate Photographer

In my last blog I talked about the importance of aerial video for real estate marketing. This blog discusses still photography, the need for a real estate photographer, and why it’s important to have an inventory of high-quality photos of your real estate listings. As the owner and broker at Pleasant Valley Real Estate, I [more]