The Team at Pleasant Valley Real Estate

As the owner/broker of Pleasant Valley Real Estate I am often referred to as a one-woman show. But that’s not true. I don’t work alone. I have a talented support team that helps me in many ways. I thought it was time to introduce the “group” that makes up Pleasant Valley Group, so you can [more]

Buying and Selling Rural Vermont Real Estate

One of my favorite things to do is show rural Vermont real estate, which is a really good thing because I am a real estate agent and broker at Pleasant Vally Real Estate. But seriously, I love looking at houses. When March came and I was getting phone calls from people wanting to see various [more]

Vermont Real Estate Market Report

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about the Vermont real estate market, so it’s time to bring you up to date. My business, Pleasant Valley Real Estate, serves the communities of Underhill, Jericho, Cambridge, Jeffersonville/Smugglers’ Notch, and Richmond. These towns are a good representation of overall real estate activity in rural Vermont. This market report [more]

Level the Playing Field of Real Estate Marketing

Level the playing field is an interesting expression. It’s meant to convey the idea that in competition, certain handicaps might be applied to make the competition more equal. The handicap that will level the playing field of real estate marketing is the Internet. At Pleasant Valley Real Estate in Underhill, Vermont, we love the Internet! [more]

Pleasant Valley Real Estate Pick of the Month

For March, 6 Gabaree Lane in Jericho, Vermont, is the property I’ve chosen to feature as my “Pick of the Month.” It’s a traditional Cape-style house with the added bonus of a four-season sun room. It’s located on a cul-de-sac in a small neighborhood with little traffic. The house is move-in ready, as no one [more]

When is the Best Time to Buy or Sell Real Estate

As a real estate agent and broker at Pleasant Valley Real Estate, I am often asked when is the best time to buy or sell real estate. I always reply, “When you are ready!” Regardless of anything else going on in the world—interest rates, the housing market, the economy—you have to be emotionally and financially [more]

I Love Rural Vermont Real Estate

One of my favorite (and original) quotes about rural Vermont real estate is this: “We drive to work, but we come home and play.” In other words, yes, our commutes may be slightly longer, but after work and on weekends we are right where we want to be! Close to ski trails, backcountry trails, great [more]