Vermont Mudroom Ideas

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms that buyers look at when shopping for a house. However, if you live in Vermont, you no doubt know that the most important room in any house is the mudroom. As a real estate agent I know that Vermont’s ever-changing weather means a lot of the great [more]

6 Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Although winter is not prime time for showing and selling a house in Vermont, there are distinct advantages to showing your home during the winter months. This is the time to show it at its very best—cozy, warm, and welcoming. Based on my personal experience selling homes in Vermont, here are my very own 6 [more]

Underhill Country Store Thanksgiving Pies

My business, Pleasant Valley Real Estate, is located above The Underhill Country Store, where River Road becomes Pleasant Valley Road in Underhill, Vermont. Lately things have been smelling downright delicious in my office because store owner Nancy Davis has been busy baking pies. These Underhill Country Store Thanksgiving Pies are delicious and just the ticket [more]

Events Calendar Near Underhill Vermont

As a real estate agent I often show houses to out-of-staters. They always ask what people do in Vermont. I always tell them there’s plenty to do. For example, here is an events calendar near Underhill Vermont for the next two weeks. These are true community events that bring folks together for a fun time. [more]

Cape Style Homes in Vermont

Last Monday’s blog was about Federal style homes. This week I’ll talk about the quintessentially American home, the Cape. The first Cape Cod homes were developed by early settlers from England in the 1600s. Partially inspired by the simple, thatched cottages common in Britain, the settlers adapted the style to keep out the harsh New [more]

Federal Style Homes in Vermont

Last Monday my blog was about ranch style homes. Today I’ll describe Federal style homes. Like much of America’s architecture, Federal style homes have their roots in England. It’s easy to confuse Federalist architecture with the earlier Colonial style homes I discussed in my blog on Monday, Oct. 21. While Colonial homes are square and [more]

Vermont Entrepreneurs and Boyden Farm

I have written about the Vermont Entrepreneurs and Boyden Farm in the past. Owners David and Linda Boyden have demonstrated the unique ability to adapt their business model in a very challenging time for farmers. They restored an 1875 carriage barn that now houses Boyden Valley Winery and also serves as an event space for [more]

Ranch Style Homes in Vermont

Last Monday’s blog (10-11-13) was about Colonial style homes. In today’s blog we take a look at ranch style homes, which are common in Vermont. I am presently listing one for sale on Irish Settlement Road in Underhill, Vermont. Ranch style homes feature a long, low, ground-hugging profile and are mostly single story, with open [more]