Pleasant Valley Real Estate Tips for First-time Home Buyers

Most first-time home buyers share two common goals: purchase a home they really like and get an affordable mortgage. However, there are common blunders people make when working towards these two goals. Here are some tips for first-time home buyers that will help you avoid those common mistakes. Get a Mortgage Pre-Qualification Pre-qualification is a [more]

Pleasant Valley Real Estate Listings

If I were to chose one word to describe the real estate market in the region of northern Vermont where I work—Underhill, Jericho, Cambridge, and Jeffersonville—it would be BRISK. New homes are coming on the market weekly, and I’m busy listing houses, showing houses, writing offers, and signing contracts. My Pleasant Valley Real Estate listings [more]

Farmers’ Markets near Pleasant Valley, Vermont

One of the great things about summer in Vermont is a plethora of farmers’ markets. What used to be venues for farmers to sell their fresh produce directly to the public has blossomed into complex outdoor markets offering baked goods, fresh flowers, artisan crafts, food carts, live entertainment, kids’ activities, organic meats, and of course, [more]

Summer Outdoor Recreation in Vermont

While much of my time is spent in the foothills of Mount Mansfield, I do tend to seek access to the water in our very short summers. Here in Underhill, on the western slope of Mount Mansfield, there are several mountain streams, ponds, and rivers for fishing, paddling, swimming, or just plain cooling off. But, [more]

Underhill Vermont 250 Year Anniversary

The town of Underhill, Vermont, where I live and where my business, Pleasant Valley Real Estate, is located, is celebrating a milestone. Underhill Vermont 250 year anniversary is this year! On Saturday, June 8, the town will take it to the streets and celebrate Underhill receiving its royal charter 250 years ago. Here is a [more]

Vermont Festivals

It’s easy to tell summer has arrived in Vermont, and not just because the weather is warmer, it’s green everywhere, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, yada yada. I always know summer is here because of all the outdoor festivals. Seems like there’s a festival for everything – balloons, music, food, beer, art. Here’s an [more]

Vermont Land Prices: How Much is Too Much?

I ask myself this question as I try to evaluate a 24-acre parcel of land I have listed for sale at 109 Pleasant Valley Road, Underhill, Vermont. The price tag is significant and not for the faint of heart — $310,000. Is it too much? I ventured out onto the land with a friend and [more]

The Sandwich Generation

Ah, yes… the Sandwich Generation… and I’m not talking peanut butter and jelly! The Sandwich Generation is a newly coined term that refers to couples sandwiched between caring for their young children and their parents at the same time. With our life expectancies increasing and families choosing to have children later in life, some couples [more]

Offset a Mortgage with Rental Income

Is it your dream to own your own home? Are you worried about affording a mortgage? Here’s a suggestion: consider buying a house with an accessory rental apartment. Then you can offset a mortgage with rental income. Renting out an accessory apartment—that’s a complete, private apartment within an owner-occupied home—could solve your problems and also [more]