The Housing Market

I have been in real estate for over 26 years. I had the good fortune to open my own business and hang my own shingle in my little town, Underhill, Vermont. I opened Pleasant Valley Real Estate in 2005 and over the past 8 years I have worked predominantly in the mountain towns of Underhill, [more]

Tips for Buying Land in Vermont

Selling and buying land in Vermont can be more difficult than you might think, especially if the land is heavily forested and markings on maps are not clear. I remember the first time I showed land (as a rookie, many, many years ago) to another realtor. I had a map and he asked me, “Where [more]

Land for Sale in Vermont

Lately, land values have seen their share of economic woes. As a result, there are some very nice parcels of land for sale in Vermont right now. Generally people consider buying land for two reasons: 1. for building a home, and 2. for investment purposes (a buy-and-hold investment plan). The parcels I am listing are [more]

House for Sale in Cambridge Vermont

The rental market in Jericho, Underhill, and Richmond is tight these days. It’s tough to find houses for sale in an affordable price range. However, if you own a rental property you are pretty much guaranteed a good return on your investment, and you will also have additional income to help make your mortgage payments. [more]

Easy Maple Banana Muffins

With all the sap flowing out of the trees and into buckets all around me I was inspired to bake something with maple syrup. I rummaged through my recipe box and found this muffin recipe a friend gave me many years ago. The part I found most appealing is the first word in the name [more]

Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont

If you have been house hunting you’ve probably noticed that the housing inventory is starting to whittle down, making it a challenge to find a house that suits your needs. Perhaps it’s time to consider building a house. But first, you need land. I just happen to be listing several parcels of land for sale [more]

Vermont Maple Syrup

The business of making maple syrup – maple sugaring – started with small farms for home use in the colonial days. Over the years maple syrup has grown to an iconic industry in Vermont. People love Vermont maple syrup! Here are some places in Underhill and Jericho where you can go watch locals make maple [more]

First Time Home Buyer in Vermont

I will never forget the time when I finally had enough money to buy my first house. I was so excited I felt just like a kid in a candy store. So there I was: a kid in a candy store, an active real estate agent, a ready and eager buyer, a first time home [more]

Five DIY Projects for Selling a House

If you’re thinking of selling your house this year, my guess is you’d like to get top dollar for it. Am I right? Well, the only way you’ll get top dollar is if it looks top shelf. Here are five things you can do to make your house look more appealing and make that sale [more]