Summer Outdoor Recreation in Vermont

While much of my time is spent in the foothills of Mount Mansfield, I do tend to seek access to the water in our very short summers. Here in Underhill, on the western slope of Mount Mansfield, there are several mountain streams, ponds, and rivers for fishing, paddling, swimming, or just plain cooling off. But, [more]

Underhill Vermont 250 Year Anniversary

The town of Underhill, Vermont, where I live and where my business, Pleasant Valley Real Estate, is located, is celebrating a milestone. Underhill Vermont 250 year anniversary is this year! On Saturday, June 8, the town will take it to the streets and celebrate Underhill receiving its royal charter 250 years ago. Here is a [more]

Easy Maple Banana Muffins

With all the sap flowing out of the trees and into buckets all around me I was inspired to bake something with maple syrup. I rummaged through my recipe box and found this muffin recipe a friend gave me many years ago. The part I found most appealing is the first word in the name [more]

“Scenic Seen It” Contest Rules

Win your sweetheart a sweet gallon of maple syrup! “Scenic Seen It” — Name That Road Contest Contest Rules On Valentine’s Day, Pleasant Valley Real Estate will post on Facebook a photo that was shot (with a fully automatic camera) on a scenic Vermont road. Correctly identify the road and your name will be entered [more]

Vermont Hunting Season

Deer/rifle hunting season starts tomorrow, November 10, and runs through November 25. I call it “share the woods” season. While I often like to traipse around the great outdoors in my own backyard, I am aware that during this time of year there are men with guns in the woods with me. So I try [more]

Winter Festivals: Come One, Come All!

Winters in Vermont can be long for some folks. Vermonters have a condition known as cabin fever, which seems to strike right around February. All the holidays are over, the days are still short, and some folks just get the blues. To offset cabin fever we have mid-winter celebrations that bring us outside, having fun [more]

February Festivities and Ski Deals

Valentine’s Day and President’s Weekend are great times to come to Vermont to ski and ride. Besides holiday festivities, ski resorts are offering great deals. I’ve compiled a list of activities at the ski resorts near Chittenden County for the month of February. These are my picks for February fun in the mountains. Snowshoeing Bolton [more]

Let’s Go to the Movies!

Years ago, when I lived in Stowe, Vermont, on the east side of Mount Mansfield, one of my favorite things to do at night was go to the movies. Stowe had a small theater and the best part was the special seating area where you were allowed to order a cocktail while you watched the [more]

A White Christmas in Vermont!

We could not have had a more picture-perfect Christmas, at least up here in Underhill, Vermont, at the foot of Mount Mansfield! We received a good six to eight inches of the fluffy white stuff on Christmas Day, and I enjoyed a morning of photographing lots of happy people up at Smugglers’ Notch Ski Resort. [more]

A Day In the Life

One of my favorite expressions when I try to describe what life is like in rural Vermont is this: We drive to work, but come home to play. Recreation Options By this time of year (December 20, or so) I am generally up for skiing, but sometimes Mother Nature does not bless us with enough [more]