Lea Van Winkle - Change is Good

Change is Good

Lea Van Winkle - Change is GoodThey say that change is good. It can also be challenging and unexpected. Recently, it’s been all three for me. You might have noticed a few subtle changes about my real estate business. Or maybe you’ve noticed some very significant ones. For instance, my license has moved from Underhill to Stowe and my signature field says Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty. So does my voicemail. Call me!

So, here’s where I’m going with this. Every once in awhile life deals you a royal flush. Do not ignore the hand you were dealt. Carpe diem! L’chaim! Cheers!

Like any royal flush, mine appeared out of the blue. I had my own business, Pleasant Valley Real Estate, for 11 years, and I certainly never intended to warehouse my brokerage. I was happy to be “the queen of Underhill,” as an associate once referred to me. I wore my crown with conviction and began experiencing success. With that came a whole lot more time at the desk and not enough time out in the field, working one-on-one with clients.

Too Many Bases to Cover!

Lea Van Winkle - Change is Good I had a five-year plan that included expanding my office with an office manager and one or two agents. It would mean learning new software systems and streamlining office procedures so that I could spend more time in the field. But I was having a tough time getting over that hump. So I asked my real estate mentor a question. “Is my five-year plan any good?”

He said, “At least you have a plan, and I think I can help you with that plan.”

“Do tell,” I replied.

Lea Van Winkle - Change is GoodThe Royal Flush

His plan was to bring me on at Four Season’s Sotheby’s International Realty, based out of the Stowe, Vt., office. I would still serve my local community of Underhill, but now I would have the powerhouse of Sotheby’s behind me. I would have an office to go to that already has an office manager. I would have access to all of Sotheby’s marketing tools, contact management system, and clout. It was everything my five-year plan included, but this was already in place. I would not have to reinvent the wheel. So I went for it, and I officially warehoused my brokerage!

I would not say the change was easy. There was an incredibly steep learning curve. But I hung in and eventually I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, and now I really can say “change is good.”

I still have a presence in Underhill above the Underhill Country Store, where I’ve been for the past decade. I continue to serve the community of Underhill where I still live (I’m not willing to relinquish my crown). So, in some ways, a lot has stayed the same, including my phone number: 802-363-3890.

I’m excited about the changes in my real estate career and teaming up with Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Real Estate. It’s strange having to report to a “higher power” (I call him SIR). It turns out I’m a non-conformist conforming, and now I’m looking forward to my real estate finale.

Thanks for reading!

Lea Van Winkle, Realtor/Broker

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