Christmas in Vermont!

Both my husband and I are transplants to our lovely state of Vermont, both of us having attended college here (I went to St. Michael’s and my husband, Charlie, went to Johnson State). Both of us decided to stay and make our living here. However, that means we both have families who live out of state!

Road Show

Christmas for our daughter, Shelbe, is about seeing her aunts, uncles, and a multitude of cousins. This translates into what I affectionately call “the road show.” Every year we pack up a big sack of gifts and drive first to my family in Syracuse, NY, and then on Christmas Eve we get back in the car and drive to Bloomfield, NJ, to visit Charlie’s family.

Christmas in VermontI love my extended family and feel blessed to have them and to spend holidays with them. But really, Christmas in New Jersey instead of Vermont? We live in Underhill, Vermont, and it is very rural, not to mention being situated practically in the mountains. From my kitchen window we look out at the “Chin” of Mt. Mansfield, and I can go cross-country skiing right out my door. I love winter, and Christmas is so pretty with all the decorations reflecting off of the snow and the crisp cold air, but since we have been married we have traveled out of state for Christmas every year.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

This year we are actually staying home. I can wake up in my own bed, I don’t have to worry if I have remembered everyone’s presents, and we can go skiing at Smugglers’ Notch and see our friends and their families. However, all this is possible this year because Shelbe is spending a semester abroad in Spain and does not return until after New Year’s. So while I am excited about being home in rural Vermont and skiing at Smuggs, there is a caveat…. No Shelbe!

In addition there is hardly any snow! Well, it will come, it always does, and besides, ski resorts are absolutely magical this time of year and offer plenty of other festivities in addition to skiing. It is cold and they are making snow like crazy, so I think we can count on skiing at Christmas. I have pasted links to our local skis areas, so be sure to check out their holiday festivities and the various activities they offer, both inside and outside.

Ski at Smugglers Notch Vermont     Ski Stowe Vermont     Ski Sugarbush Vermont     Ski It If You Can, Mad River Glen, Vermont

To all my friends, customers, and prospective clients — have a wonderful holiday season from Pleasant Valley Real Estate.


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