Cliff House Valentine's Dinner

Cliff House Valentine’s Dinner

Venus aligns with mars, a full moon, a comet, and a lunar eclipse at the 2017 Cliff House Valentine’s Dinner

Cliff House Valentine's DinnerI am sure most people have heard the book title, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray. Well, every now and then the planets align in a very good way and Mars and Venus connect. Whether it was the Cliff House, the full moon, the comet, the lunar eclipse, or maybe all of them, Mars was listening to Venus and understood.

I like to make Facebook posts that are relevant to activities in the area. I noticed that there was a Cliff House Valentine’s Dinner up near the summit at Stowe Mountain Resort, so I made a post encouraging people to join in the festivities. Well surprise surprise my husband saw that post (and apparently read it), made reservations, and surprised me with the invitation!

What a night! We rode the gondola up the mountain and it was indeed a full moon, so it was bright out. It was great sitting up at the top of the gondola having dinner and looking out over a moon-lit sky. The food was great and you could pair each course with a craft-brewed cider, but it was the company that was the best. A very romantic night out with my husband. The ride down was fun (I do not usually ride down on a gondola, only up), we met another couple from NYC and had a lovely ride down.

So here is to a successful aligning of Venus and Mars and here is to the Cliff House Valentine’s Dinner and Valentine’s Day, a time when it is okay to slow down and take a moment for that special love in your life. While the Cliff House Valentine’s Dinner was this past weekend, I am sure there are several other venues out there for a romantic dinner, or create your own at home.

Go ahead and enjoy; perhaps there won’t be a full moon or even a comet, but it will still be Valentine’s Day with Venus and Mars in sync!

Lea Van Winkle, Realtor/Broker


Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty

Stowe, Vermont

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