Colonial Style Homes in Vermont

Colonial style homes in Vermont

Here is a Colonial style home I sold earlier this year. Note the classic center front door, two windows on either side of the front door, and five windows above.

Last Monday’s blog was about Post and Beam Homes. This week we will take a look at Colonial style homes in Vermont.

Colonial style homes in Vermont are a popular building style. They originated from the 1700s Colonial period. Colonists who emigrated from Europe brought the style with them.

At first they were two-story homes with one room on each floor. Over time the Colonial style homes became recognizable for their geometry, and different regions of the United States added their own tweaks to provide relief from the climate. Eventually they became four-over-fours (four rooms over four rooms), which most people recognize today as the Colonial style homes. According to Better Homes and Gardens, Colonial homes are one of the most popular styles in the U.S.

Colonial-style homes are symmetrical and feature an entry door in the middle of the front of the house. There are two windows on either side of the entry door, and five windows on the second floor, with the middle one directly above the front door. Other characteristics include paired chimneys, a medium-pitched roof to provide snow and rain drainage, and a stairway that is directly behind the entry door and leads to a hallway that bisects the middle of the second floor.

In the South, the ceilings in Colonial houses were built higher in order to provide ventilation during the summer months. In New England, the majority of colonial homes were built with wood siding, as the material was easy to come by. In Virginia they were built primarily of brick because clay was plentiful. The style can be found as far west as Ohio and Illinois.

Colonial style homes in Vermont

Here is another classic Colonial style Vermont home. Sorry, it’s not for sale.

Here in Vermont, Colonial style homes are plentiful. If you’re house shopping, give me a call at 802-858-9193 or send me an email. I’d be happy to show you the ones that are currently on the market in my neighborhood of Underhill, Jericho, Cambridge, Jeffersonville, and Richmond.

Come back next week and read about Cape style houses.




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