Whenever it’s time to paint a room in my home in Underhill, I agonize over color choices and how to try and match them with the other shades and colors in the rest of my house. Ultimately I find myself mesmerized by the paint wheels at the local paint shops and I end up bringing home at least half a dozen slightly different colors. I paint test patches on the walls, and end up not liking any of them. Somehow colors just never look like what I’m expecting. ARG!!!

Bring Home Nature’s Colors

Fall foliage, Underhill, Vermont

Shades of fall, Underhill, Vermont

A good friend once suggested, and I am sure all of the experts would agree, that I look to nature for colors that go well together. So that’s what I do. Since fall is my favorite season, I make a point to pay close attention to my surroundings this time of year, and I realize that nature would color my house in quite a bright fashion. My sixteen-year-old daughter would love the fall foliage theme!

If you look closely, especially now that the colors are waning, you will see subtleties that would easily feel at home in your home: on your walls, in the trim, the rugs, countertops, and cabinets. I see the faded yellows against the greens and I think, “Oh yes, a version of this would be lovely in my kitchen!” Remember… some colors might work well as an accent wall, but can be overbearing on all four walls of a room.

Fall Tones in a Jericho Home

I am listing a house in Jericho where the owner chose a pretty blend of fall colors. In the photo of the living room below, the owner chose a peach color to give the room depth, and a much softer accent color to complement the deeper color. If you have dark flooring, you might need a softer color for the walls. In the photo of the kitchen you will see she has a warm blend of fall tones.

                House for sale in Jericho, Vermont                Fall foliage colors in Jericho, Vermont, home for sale

I have to laugh when people glibly say, “It’s only paint, you can change it.” Really? Exactly how much do you love to paint? When I take on the task of painting a room it is a serious commitment, and it takes time, especially when you factor in moving all of the wall hangings, furniture, accoutrement, and the like. Then you have to do all that taping, so you don’t get paint where it’s not supposed to be. I have learned that with a good brush and careful planning you can avoid the whole taping step. But seriously, it is a whole lot easier if you can get the color right the first time!

So look to nature and see what colors naturally blend and bring them home. If you’d like to see the rest of the pretty Jericho home above, or any of my other listings, feel free to contact me for a tour.

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