Color of the Year is Emerald Green

color of the yearPantone just announced the official color of the year, and it is emerald. This is good news for Vermont, the Green Mountain State. It’s also good news for me, as I have always liked green. It’s my color. I wear it a lot.

In case you are wondering who/what Pantone is, well, the name Pantone is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication. Pantone is the authority on color and the provider of color systems for people in a wide variety of fields. If you tell someone you want a specific Pantone color and give him/her that color number, you will get the exact color you want. People in the design and print business use Pantone colors every day. The color system is so widely used that I guess they can name a color of the year every year if they want to.

I’m very happy about emerald. I would love to have a nice set of genuine emerald earrings, but for now, anyway, I will have to make do with faux emerald anything.

The Color of the Year is Universal

Emerald is not just about jewelry. It is the symbol of rebirth, growth, renewal, and prosperity. Emerald brings perspective and clarity, which we can all use in today’s complex, fast-paced world. This universally-appealing color blends easily in both fashion and home interiors.

You can expect to see a lot of emerald in fashion this year, especially in the evening gown department. But it doesn’t stop there. Even Patagonia has an emerald green puff jacket.

color of the year            color of the year

As for interior design, well, green will bring a feeling of comfort and security to your environment. Here are some ideas of how you can bring emerald into your home.

color of the year    color of the year    color of the year

I am also listing this house for sale, and it is very close to being an emerald green exterior. I’m really glad it’s more of a forest green, because if there’s one place I don’t think emerald green would work, it’s the exterior of a house.

color of the year

This house was recently reduced in price by $10,000. It’s now listed for $588,000, a remarkable value. If you’d like to see the house, contact me, I’d be happy to show it to you. And I’ll even wear some emerald for the occasion.

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