Coming Home to Vermont

I came to Vermont in 1972 to attend St. Michael’s College. I drifted here from a small town in central New York called Baldwinsville, outside of Syracuse. I was the youngest of four, all of us born within five years, and I watched each of my older siblings go away to college. When it was my turn, I was going and not looking back. I wanted new territory to explore, and I chose Vermont.

View of Mount Mansfield from Underhill.

View of Mount Mansfield from Underhill.

A Home in Vermont

Weather wise, I was prepared for Vermont, since central NY is known for wet and snowy weather coming off Lake Ontario. Unlike Vermont, however, central New York is flat. Vermont’s mountains, lakes, and streams soon won my heart. I was one of the few children that did not go back home to live with her parents, not even for a summer. Vermont was my new home. I spent my vacations and summers here and eventually moved here full time. While I did travel away for a period of four to five years, I came back. Clearly Vermont had made its mark on me.

I love to travel. I spent months in Europe in my youth, and I’ve traveled back and forth across the U.S. I have lived from the east coast to the west coast and places in between, but always I came back to Vermont. I got married here, started a business here, and had a family here, and I have immersed by husband and daughter in exploring foreign countries with me.

From Vermont to Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower.

My daughter is now almost 17 and she has already traveled with us to Europe, Fiji, the Bahamas, Paris, and Italy with a cousin. Most recently she spent the first semester of her junior year of high school in Spain. She has been bitten by the travel bug and so much lies a head of her! I wondered what it would be like for her when she came home from Spain. Would she crave more travel? Well, turns out she was grateful to come home to her own comfy bed and her own stuff around her.

I see how much she has grown up and how much more confidence she has. I hear her talking about going away to a big city for college, and I know she will not be staying in Vermont. She will leave home, just as my husband and I both did, and find her own path and find her own new home. Like it or not, it’s a natural course of life.

However, there is something about Vermont that weaves its way into your soul and I think there is a good chance she will return from time to time, and when she does, she, too, will know what it’s like to be Coming Home to Vermont!

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