Dad’s Delicious Eggnog

Dad's Delicious Eggnog


Every Thanksgiving and Christmas in Syracuse, NY, where I grew up (Go Syracuse Orange!), my father would prepare the most delicious treat while we four kids and mom “patiently” waited for our holiday dinner. This treat, Dad’s delicious eggnog, filled us up so we would be quiet and be content until the holiday meal was served. He would make just enough for all six of us and perhaps a guest or two. My mother, sister, and I always hoped for a second serving it was sooo good!

Dad’s delicious eggnog was very rich and extremely creamy, and every year I eagerly awaited this treat. Dad had made his eggnog for so many years that he did it by memory, no recipe required. Later, as a young adult living on my own and not always able to return to my parent’s home for holidays, I made a point one year of watching and writing notes as Dad created this marvelous concoction.

Dad’s Delicious Eggnog

I am grateful for my blog readers and my gift to you this holiday season is Dad’s Delicious Eggnog recipe. Get out your beaters!

1 cup confectionary sugar and 4 to 5 egg whites, depending on the size of the eggs. Beat together until frothy.

Add a dash of vanilla extract

Add 1 quart of heavy cream and continue beating

Add 1/2 pint of lite cream and continue beating

Add all the egg yolks and continue beating

Serve 2 to 3 hours before holiday meal

Or serve any time!

The consistency should be thick and have a heavy layer of frothy cream on top. Dad would serve us all in a 4-ounce glass, wrapped with a cloth napkin, and I would try very hard not to drink it too quickly. I so wanted it to last. I rarely won this battle and was often found back in the kitchen hoping to see if there was anything left over, vying for seconds with my mother and my sister.

I have learned to recreate this dream eggnog and keep this recipe on a very old and yellowed piece of paper. This is now the only public record of this recipe, so enjoy and Happy Holidays!


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