Did Someone Say GO?

One of my favorite activities is showing property, which is a really good thing because I am a real estate agent, after all. But seriously, I love looking at houses.

When January came and I was receiving an unusual amount of phone calls to see various properties, I was lulled out of my usual January complacency and soon wondered, “Hey, when did I get so busy? Did someone say GO?”

Interest Rates

I am sure there are many reasons for our economic recovery and many questions as to whether or not it is sustainable. Let’s keep it simple. How about… This has been a very mild winter and the interest rates are at an all-time low! It’s funny, but since the early nineties I have heard “historically low,” and “lowest in 14 years” and now “lowest ever.” Well, if that doesn’t get you to the starting line I don’t know what will.

Really, why wait? There is no telling how long these “lowest rates ever” will hang around. It has been a mild winter, the inventory level is still good, and new houses are coming on the market because activity is good.

Buyer or Seller’s Market?

So, is it still a buyer’s market? I say, “Yes,” and all the more reason for buyer’s to come out of their igloos. Many seller’s are realizing it is wiser to price appropriately and to stage their homes to be successful today. The success is as clear as Vermont air in March.

Since December we have had 15 closings in Jericho and Underhill, demonstrating a strong end of the year, but since January 1 we have had 8 pending sales, showing a very strong start to 2012.

Sellers, come one come all, the buyers are out in strength right now. Be sure to price reasonably and stage your home appropriately. Of course you can call your local real estate agent and have her come and walk you through all of this, even assist in the staging. I know she likes to do this ♥

Buyers, who knows how long these “lowest interest rates ever” are gong to be here. Sellers are ready to be realistic and work with you, so hit the dirt running and be sure to contact your friendly real estate agent. I hear she loves to look at houses too.

Here are a few of my favorites for you to see:

Vermont house for sale                                   Vermont house for sale, Pleasant Valley Real Estate

61 McClellan Farm Road, Underhill, $520,000                         175 Pleasant Valley Road, Underhill, $494,000


Vermont house for sale, Underhill, Pleasant Valley Real Estate                                Vermont house for sale

33 Range Road, Underhill, $339,000                                                10 Park St., Jericho, $210,000




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