Don’t Let These 5 Eyesores Stop You From Buying a House

Don’t Let These 5 Eyesores Stop You From Buying a HouseA few weeks ago I wrote a blog called Five DIY Projects that will Help Sell Your House. I talked about how you could make your house look more appealing and make that sale happen, without sinking a lot of money into it. In this blog we will look at those same projects from another prospective: the buyer’s point of view.

Here’s a scenario I’ve run into a lot: You’ve found a house you like in a location you like, but the amount of home improvements it needs feels overwhelming. The house has been neglected and it’s hard to overlook some of the eyesores. You hate the color of the living room, the yard looks like someone employed the zero landscaping method, and the paneling in the den is dreadful. But in the overall scheme of things, are those eyesores really so bad you should not make a reasonable offer? Don’t let these 5 eyesores stop you from buying a house, especially if they are simple DIY projects you could tackle over the next few years. Just get into the house and deal with those projects later.


Overgrown and unruly landscaping can make a place look run down, but how much will it really take to snaz it up? Maybe you just need a pair of pruners, a lawnmower, and a rake This is one of the easiest things in the world to take care of, because it typically doesn’t cost you anything other than time and a little sweat.


A fresh coat of paint is another easy inexpensive fixes a buyer can do. You might hate the color of the living room, but all that means is a trip to the paint store, and again, a little time and effort. It’s easy and inexpensive to change the color to one you love as soon as you move in.

Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls

Okay, so the folks who lived here before met during the disco era. Those big walls of mirrors and mirror tiles are ridiculous. Ignore them. Those mirrors will go with the sellers and you can do anything to those walls you want when the house is yours.

Wallpaper and paneling

You thought the mirrors were bad, but the ugly, outdated wallpaper is even worse. So what? It’s superficial. When you own the house you can throw a housewarming work party and remove any dreadful wallpaper and paneling.

Closet doors

Closet doors are a mystery. Sometimes they just disappear. If the house is missing closet doors, ignore that, too. Could be those doors are hiding in the basement or garage. If not, you can pick up doors at Lowe’s or Home Depot at a reasonable price.

Try to look past eyesores. In the overall scheme of things they are probably not so bad that they should keep you from making a reasonable offer on a house. If you’re ready to start looking, call me at 802-858-9193 or email me. I’d love to help you find your new home, and I have several listed for sale in Vermont.


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