Ducks on a Pond

As I sit in my real estate office above the Underhill Country Store, my mind often wanders to the origin of phrases and sayings. For example, “Ducks on a pond.” This is a well-timed phrase at the moment, and for several reasons. “How so,” you ask? Well, this phrase originated out of baseball, believe it or not, but it is often used to describe a variety of situations. The hard part is figuring out why a phrase used to describe something easy (such as shooting fish in a barrel) gets transformed into a description of something totally unrelated.

Take Me Out to the Ball GameUnderhill Center pond with ducks

When a batter steps up to the plate with “ducks on the pond,” it means he is batting with runners on base, and the phrase is sometimes even used specifically to describe the bases being loaded. Visually, the idea of ducks representing baseball runners is quite pleasing. I can imagine ducks waddling around the bases in baseball uniforms and I enjoy the mental image quite a bit.

For Sale: Underhill Center Home with Ducks on a Pond

In business, “ducks on a pond” means a situation with a good chance to succeed. In my own real estate business it means that I am listing a lovely house for sale in Underhill Center that has a pond with ducks on it. It also means that like ducks on a pond, this property will catch a buyer’s eye quickly, and the chances of a an easy closing this year are highly likely. In addition to the lovely pond for ducks and a dramatic view of Mount Mansfield, this house has four bedrooms, three baths, a beautifully updated kitchen, a four-season sun room, and a screened in porch. It’s located in Underhill Center, Vermont, within short walking distance to the town center.

Underhill Center house for sale                Mount Mansfield from Underhill Center

So to get back to the well timed-phrase, the World Series is in play right now and the teams are tied 2 to 2. The phrase “ducks on a pond” was coined by former Washington Senators broadcaster Arch McDonald. I am borrowing his phrase to describe 33 Range Road, Underhill, Vermont, and hope you enjoy the photos (and yes, I know these are Canadian geese, not ducks).

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