Five DIY Projects for Selling a House

If you’re thinking of selling your house this year, my guess is you’d like to get top dollar for it. Am I right? Well, the only way you’ll get top dollar is if it looks top shelf. Here are five things you can do to make your house look more appealing and make that sale happen, without sinking a lot of money into it. These five DIY projects for selling a house will make a big difference in how quickly it sells, and how much you get for it.

Five DIY Projects for Selling a HouseFive DIY Projects for Selling a House

1. Landscaping

Overgrown and unruly landscaping can make your place look run down. Get out the pruners, the clippers, and the rake! This is one of the easiest things in the world to take care of, because it typically doesn’t cost you anything other than time and a little sweat. And the first impression of that curb appeal can often make or break a sale.

2. Paint

Five DIY Projects for Selling a HouseWhen was the last time you painted a room in your house? Was it boring white, or shocking pink? A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and least expensive of the DIY fix-its a seller can do. You don’t have to go wild and you don’t have to be boring. Just pick some muted tones that will warmly embrace buyers, not shock them when they walk into the room,

3. Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls

The disco era is history. Let it go. Big walls of mirrors and mirror tiles are a real turnoff for a lot of potential buyers. Besides, buyers want to see the room, not themselves. Take down those ugly mirrors, do any wall repairs, then paint. Consider painting that wall a contrasting accent color. Not shocking pink, please.

Five DIY Projects for Selling a House4. Wallpaper and paneling

If you have an accent wall or even a bathroom of ugly, outdated wallpaper, take the time to strip it and repaint. If your house has a lot of wallpaper, consider having a wallpaper-stripping party, or hire a company to come in and do the stripping for you, then repaint things yourself. You’ll be surprised the difference paint will make in place of drab old wallpaper.

Five DIY Projects for Selling a HousePaneling can be a lot more difficult. Removing it can be a huge task, and the paneling might be concealing something dreadful. Painting over it can make it look even worse. There are so many variables here; you’ll want to have a discussion with your real estate agent about how best to handle it. You may just need to leave it alone.

5. Closet doors

I have found that closet doors can be a funny thing with a lot of buyers. If they’re missing, or if they’re severely out of adjustment or have been replaced with strings of beads to go with the mirrored wall, it can be a real turnoff. Make sure your closet doors are installed, adjusted, and operating properly.

Once you finish these five DIY projects for selling a your house, or even if you haven’t started them yet, call me at 802-858-9193 or email me. I’d love to list your house and help you get top dollar for it!


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