Good Old Fashion Harvest Market!

This weekend, September 24-25, is the annual Harvest Market, located where the towns of Jericho and Underhill meet. Come join this annual event and get an idea of what our community is all about. You’ll be able to buy fresh produce, meat, and poultry from local farmers, and beautiful art and crafts by local artisans. Many food vendors are on hand, serving delicious hot and cold food.

Jericho and Underhill Harvest Market

The Annual Harvest Market is this weekend, Sept. 24-25.

We have a building called The Clutter Barn (it’s true!) where people drop off their goods throughout the year and it seems by magic they get organized and prepared to sell at this annual event. Many local artist and entrepreneurs display and sell their wares, and games and crafts are set up for entertainment. It’s truly a family-friendly event. Great food, entertainment, and a meet-and-greet all your neighbors bring most of us out to enjoy this affair. The weather forecast is for warm and hazy. Should be a fantastic weekend!



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