Two Home Storage Ideas that Hide Your Clutter

Home Storage Ideas that Hide Your Clutter

Hide your clutter in
the Blanket Box.

In my last post I talked about the importance of staging your house for sale. One of the four tips I gave was “Pick Up the Clutter.” But what do you do with all that stuff? Where do you put it? In a nutshell: HIDE IT! Here are two great home storage ideas that hide your clutter.

Blanket Box

This very clever box is like a secret treasure chest. You can tuck what you don’t want guests to see inside the roomy storage compartment, put the lid on, and Voila! You have a seat. Upholstery options range from linen to wool to trendy stripes to velvet. Right now HGTV’s Design Happens blog is holding a contest and the prize is a custom-made Blanket Box. Click HERE or on the image to enter the contest to win this very cool storage box, a $720 value. Good luck!

Storage Under Stairs

Home Storage Ideas that Hide Your Clutter

Storage bins slide in and out from under the stairs.

Do you have a staircase with nothing under it? You can convert that empty space into a tidy storage space. A quick web search (Storage Under Stairs) will show you lots of ideas, but most of them are shelves and you can see all the clutter. I really like this home storage idea because you can hide that clutter just by sliding those units back under the stairs.

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