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Home Trends for 2014 As a real estate agent/broker at Pleasant Valley Real Estate in Underhill, Vermont, I am always interested in home trends forecasts. I recently read a report by the American Institute of Architects on home trends for 2014. They surveyed over 500 architectural firms on their predictions for home trends for 2014.

According to their Home Design Trends Survey, during the housing downturn, homes were smaller, and “special function rooms” were eliminated from the floor plan. (No surprise there!) They are often considered discretionary, and therefore the first to be eliminated when conforming to a decreased budget. Now that people can afford bigger homes, interest in special function rooms is coming back.

Special function rooms most in demand these days are outdoor living areas, mud rooms (a must-have in Vermont), home offices, the in-law suite for the sandwich generation, and storm and safe rooms, according to AIA’s survey.

Nearly 63 percent of residential architects said interest in outdoor living areas/rooms is increasing. They ranked as the highest special function room in demand.

Home Trends for 2014Another room that people want is a mud room. More than 45 percent of architects reported a growing interest in mud rooms.

Home owners are also placing higher value on special features that use energy efficiency and increase accessibility to allow aging in the home. For example, there is an increased demand in extra insulation in the attic and a first floor master bedroom.

There is also a demand alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, that help lower utility bills and promote sustainability. And you can be assured that the home must have wireless systems. Security systems are also a big plus.

So, if you want to sell your home in 2014, you better add a porch, a mud room, and high-speed internet. I’m just kidding, of course. Just be aware that these are features that make a home more appealing in the current housing market climate.

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