The one real estate question I hear almost daily is, “How is the market?” Typically, this time of year the real estate market slows down as everyone prepares for the holidays. In addition, no one wants to move in the winter. However our winters have a tendancy to last awhile, so truth be told, a lot of people move in the winter. Mud season (April)… now that is the time of year I would not want to move.

How is the Market? Well to be brief, it is okay. It is not hopping and it is not crawling; it is simply okay. Things take longer to sell, there is more to choose from, and interest rates are LOW!! So, why wouldn’t buyers be out in the market right now?


Homes that are selling vary in price range, as they always do, but predominantly the price range that is moving best right now is the mid range of $225,000 to $350,000, out in the eastern edge of Chittenden County. A spattering of high-end homes are also selling, but the condition, location, and the home’s appearance matter most.

Going Green

Another factor to consider is the “green gereration.” In other words, people who are looking for a home owner’s commitment or investment in environmental factors and efficiency.

Pick of the Week

Here is my pick of the week for “Home Efficiency Improvements and Upgrades.”

Jericho, Vermont, house for sale

15 Ridge Road, Jericho, Vermont

This home, listed in a great Jericho neighborhood at the height of the cul de sac, has had $137,000 in upgrades, including high-end five-star energy rated appliances, PaperStone counter tops made of recycled paper, Argon Low E windows, slate floors with radiant heat, southeast to southwest exposure for full advantage of the solar effect, and really gorgeous views from Mansfield to Camel’s Hump (a small aside!). In addition, the kitchen appliances, all stainless steel, include a 48-inch Liebbher side-by-side refrigerator/ freezer, a Viking cook top with down draft, Kitchen Aide double-wall convection oven and dishwasher, and a stainless steel sink and trash compactor. All are located around a seven-person island. Meals have never been so pleasurable, and with such stunning views!

This home falls in the under-$350,000 price range and will steal someone’s heart, especially if that person is interested in those environmental and appeal factors!

Environmental Awareness

People are becoming more and more concerned about the enviroment. A shorter commute is desirable and a community feel is also important. When I grew up (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), I lived on a cul de sac in a neighborhood and our mothers were always kicking us outside to play with the other kids whose mothers kicked them outside. When you came home from school there were other kids to play with. So, if you are looking to relocate your family to a home with a good school system, neighborhood, and recent home upgrades (with not just energy effiency in mind but great style as well) go to my Jericho page and compare this home with others you have seen.

Jericho, Vermont, house for sale with energy efficient kitchen          Kitchen with views in Jericho, Vermont

Here’s another feature to this week’s pick – in addition to the great views, the property backs up to 60 acres of undeveloped land, with access to numerous trails. It’s a short commute to Essex and Williston, and about 4 to 5 miles from the Interstate for shorter commutes to the greater Burlington area or the Waterbury/Stowe direction. It’s located in the Chittenden East Shool District.

So, back to the question, “How is the market?” It is okay, but what is great is that  phenomenal homes can be bought at great values.

Vermont house for sale

Come back next week for my next “Pick of the Week” house! And please feel free to contact me for a tour of this week’s “Pick of the Week” house at 15 Ridge Road, Jericho, Vermont.



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