It’s a Spruce Life! #sprucepeaklightfestival

Light it up in Style!

This year why not light it up in style and take at trip to the Spruce Peak Lights Festival in Stowe Vt.  Celebrate the magic of the season by surrounding yourself in a picturesque ski village, surrounded by thousand of sparkling lights, shops, restaurants, ice skating, people milling about, all at the village center at Spruce Peak.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. The gathering of friends and family all around a grand meal, followed by a long weekend. I love other holidays too but the only thing I need to shop for at Thanksgiving is the food. I am not a shopper so holidays or events that require  gift buying always sets my teeth on edge and Thanksgiving is just for eating and relaxing. On top of that, the day following Thanksgiving has something for all, football games, ‘black friday’ ( you won’t find me there, I could be found waiting a the bar for you ) and in the evening a traditional lighting of the tree.

So why not join us, the evening following Thanksgiving, to a most delightful evening up at Spruce Peak Village for the festival of lights and the opening of the Holiday Seasons.  


Photo credits:lead photo from Spruce Peak Facebook Page

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