Jericho/Underhill Town Meeting Day


Tuesday March 2nd we all gather at our local voting centers and have an open venue for discusiing such things as town and school budgets, local situations and anything in general that we need to prepare for our coming year.These topics are on the agenda every year and this year is no exception. Let’s talk about our schools here in Underhill today and I will follow up the rest of the week with information on our other local area schools as the week passes.

Underhill Central School is a Kindergarten through fourth grade school. Enrollment currently stands at 160 kids. It is a 18:1 ratio (for every eighteenn students there is one teacher). We are nestled at the foothills of Mount Mansfield and our kids have the good fortune to have an incredible setting with remarkable views and wide open outdoor spaces and a very nuturing atmosphere within the school itself. Parents are encouraged to participate and become involved in the school, day to day activities.

It is a remarkable group of teachers. They work well together and plan together how they will approach each year and how to assist the students with the transitions they go through. I have been very impressed with this system, having had a daughter go through this school.

For more details please feel free to contact me at 899-3890 for more information about the Underhill Central School located on Pleasant Valley road in Underhill Center.

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