Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont

Land for Sale in Underhill VermontIf you have been house hunting you’ve probably noticed that the housing inventory is starting to whittle down, making it a challenge to find a house that suits your needs. Perhaps it’s time to consider building a house. But first, you need land. I just happen to be listing several parcels of land for sale in Underhill, Vermont, a great place to live.

Of late, land values have seen their share of economic woes. As a result, there are some very nice parcels available right now. Generally people consider buying land for two reasons: for building a home and for investment purposes, a buy-and-hold investment plan. The parcels I am listing range in size from 1.5 acres to 70 acres and range in price from $90,000 to $310,000.

House Site and Style

When deciding about where to build on a parcel and what style of house to build, consider the land itself. It will help you determine the building site and style of home best suited to that particular parcel. A landscape with a hillside might lend well to a walkout bottom floor and allow for less expense in construction, with bedrooms downstairs, below grade so to speak, but in a walkout style, so there is plenty of light and accessibility.

Rolling meadows might inspire you to perch your house on the top of a hill, overlooking your land. A wooded lot will allow for privacy and determine how to situate the house to take the most advantage of exposure and privacy.

Investment Land

Should investment be your primary goal, then a few other details become more specific to the investment. For example, consider future value. While you hold land there is no actual return and you have expenses, namely taxes, so what will its potential future value be? Location, location, location… need I say more? Knowing that the parcel can have an actual building site is crucial. A state water and wastewater permit adds value as well, and protects the site’s future development.

Land for Sale in Underhill, Vermont

Here are my three feature land listings for this month:

109 Pleasant Valley Road — This 24+ acre parcel has much to offer! It has a combination of rolling hills and woods, accentuated by the Crane Brook at the back of the parcel and protected by the Crane Brook Nature reserve. It has several different potential building sites to choose from, all with westerly views. It is located in Underhill Center, just across from Casey’s Hill on Pleasant Valley Road. A wealth of information on soils and potential use of this lane is available on my web site. $310,000.

Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont    Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont

37 Beartown Road — Located in the village area of Underhill Center, this 2.5-acre parcel offers a rural feel, yet conveniences nearby. With rolling meadows and open land, this parcel looks south at King’s Crown. Protected by neighboring “open land,” it feels a lot more like 5 acres. State water/waste, water permit for a three-bedroom house. Easy construction site. $120,000.

Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont   Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont   Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont

27 North Underhill Station Road — This 70-acres parcel has potential for a great variety of use. It has numerous maples for a personal maple stand, lots of lumber for personal use, and a four-bedroom state permit in place for septic. Make it your own personal estate! $195,000.

Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont  Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont  Land for Sale in Underhill Vermont

These are just a few examples of the land I have for sale. Please feel free to do a search for land on my web site. If you have any questions, call me at 802-858-9193 or send me an email. I will respond as quickly as I can.


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