Land for Sale in Vermont

People purchase land for two reasons: as an investment for the future, and because they want to build a home. Since I am a residential real estate agent in Underhill listing houses and parcels of land for sale in Vermont, I am focused on land that is suitable for building a home, and that could also be considered an investment.

Land for Sale in Vermont

Build your dream home here!

Buying Land to Build a House

When buying land to build a house on, it helps to first have an idea of what you want your house to be like. Then you can start looking at land that will match the construction of your home. For instance, if you want a walk-out basement you would look for land that is sloping and gives a natural flow for this type of construction. If you want lots of sunlight you would look for an open a meadow with southern or east/west exposure. If you want year-round privacy you might prefer a wooded lot, or you might want control of the land around you and build on a lot that is 25 acres or more.

All of these scenarios are possible when looking for land for sale in Vermont, especially in the Underhill, Jericho, Richmond, and Cambridge areas, where I am a real estate agent.

Tips to Help You Plan Your House

If you are building your first, second, or even third house, I suggest looking at pictures of homes and floor plans to get a feeling for what you like and want in the home you plan to build. Exterior photos will help you understand the style of home that appeals to you. You will eventually get a sense of whether or not the style of a house blends with the land.

I enjoy looking at home-building magazines, such as Fine Homebuilding and Custom Home. So much to look at and so many ideas!

Looking at floor plans will help you decide on the interior design of the house, but first think about this: How do you want to live in your home? For instance, do you want the kitchen or living room to be the focal point of the house? Do you want a master bedroom downstairs or upstairs? Where in all of this does the laundry room work best for you? Do you want three bedrooms or four? A formal dining room or a more open floor plan? These are all considerations to think about and looking at floor plans will help.

Land for Sale in Vermont with sugarbushBuying Land as an Investment

If you are looking at land for investment opportunities, here are some things to consider.

  • What is the current asking price in comparison to recent sales?
  • Can the land be subdivided for future value?
  • Does the land have natural resources? For example, does the land have an abundance of maple trees? A small or large sugarbush maple syrup production is a valuable asset.
  • You will have to pay property taxes on investment land for as long as you own it, so you want a good value that can translate into profit in the future. Taxes could be paid for by leasing your little sugarbush to someone and letting him do the work. Meanwhile, you hold the land at little cost.

Here are two parcels of land I have listed in Underhill/Cambridge/Jericho/Richmond area. They are unique parcels and would satisfy the desires of very different home owners.

27 North Underhill Station Road has 70+ acres, lots of privacy, two out buildings, a two-car garage, and an opportunity to install a maple sugaring operation.

Land for Sale in Vermont

70 acres with sugar bush.

37 Beartown Road has beautiful open meadows with views of Mount Mansfield. The property is roughly 22-25 acres of meadow with 5-8 acres of woodland. It’s an ideal location for one or several homes and is convenience to Underhill village and schools.

Land for Sale in Vermont

Sunny exposure, great views.

More Land for Sale in Vermont!

There are several other parcels of land for sale in Vermont that are in the Underhill/Jericho/Cambridge/Richmond area, and I would be happy to show them to you. Contact me, and we’ll go land-looking!


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