Let’s Go to the Movies!

View of Mount Mansfield, Stowe, Vermont

View of Mount Mansfield from the east.

Years ago, when I lived in Stowe, Vermont, on the east side of Mount Mansfield, one of my favorite things to do at night was go to the movies. Stowe had a small theater and the best part was the special seating area where you were allowed to order a cocktail while you watched the movie. The seating was limited and it filled up quickly. You had to go early if you wanted a seat in the cocktail area.

Enter… Essex Cinemas Club Take 2


Essex Cinema Club Take 2 logoNow that I live in Underhill on the west side of Mount Mansfield, my movie theaters of choice are Essex Cinemas in the Essex Shoppes, Essex, and Majestic Ten in Taft Corners, Williston. Recently, Essex Cinemas opened Club Take 2.

While the price of going to the movies has gone up, it is still a cheap date. With Club Take 2 you can make it a complete dinner and a movie date all in one place! Recently I had the pleasure of double dating with my husband and friends. We chose to check out the Club Take 2 and the 21+ Showings Theater at the Essex Cinema. Similar but different from Stowe, there is a small restaurant with a bar and you can dine prior to seeing any movie. But, in the 21+ theater you can actually bring your meal and drinks into the theater with you, if you want, and it’s only open to patrons age 21 and older.

Here is my take on my experience there: I had the best burger ever and the sweet potato fries were to die for. There was no need to hurry and finish because you could bring your meal into the theater. You can also keep a running tab. Our server checked in on us to see if we needed anything else. I LOVED IT! The absolute best part was getting carded when we bought our tickets for the 21+ show…”Really? Okay here you go!”

There was only one negative for me, but it was a very large negative… they do not dim the lights. We were told it is because alcohol is being served they can not. Right… bars are always well lit, aren’t they? Really, watching Sherlock Holmes at the movies with the lights on is just not the same. I would not go to this particular theater again, but I would definitely go back to the Club Take 2, and go to a different movie in the same complex. I just wouldn’t take my dinner with me. You can also rent Club Take 2 for private events. It is a nice add-on to the Essex Cinemas, which has a T-Rex theater as well, for 3D movies.

Majestic 10 CinemasIf you love watching movies at a theater, Majestic Ten Cinema is also a good choice. Several great restaurants are within walking distance, and they now have their own little bar/restaurant as well, but alcohol in not allowed in the theaters. I love their stadium seating and the escalator ride up to the lobby.

Whatever your choice of cinema locations, going to the movies is a still a good choice for Date Night. And if you love theaters so much that you have to live near one, contact me about finding a house close to the Essex Cinema or The Majestic Ten.

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