Level the Playing Field of Real Estate Marketing

Level the Playing Field of Real Estate MarketingLevel the playing field is an interesting expression. It’s meant to convey the idea that in competition, certain handicaps might be applied to make the competition more equal. The handicap that will level the playing field of real estate marketing is the Internet. At Pleasant Valley Real Estate in Underhill, Vermont, we love the Internet! Here’s why:

Years ago it was advantageous to work for a large real estate company. You could get more leads, more support, and more connections, simply by sitting next to the phone as the “on call” person, or as we use to affectionately call it, “the Duty Beauty.”

Larger firms had more money to invest in advertising, and simply by virtue of their numbers they had more listings and little need for handicaps.

Along came the Internet to level the playing field of real estate marketing. Now even a small real estate office has the same marketing muscle as larger ones. They all have access to on-line advertising, which is significantly more affordable than print advertising, and easier to target an audience by virtue of being able to target digital ad placement. We have the use of social media in many forms, and all of them allow us to post a more “virtual property.”

Videos and great photography can be used instead of or in addition to print advertising. Print advertising generally allows for 1 to 12 photos, depending on the size of the ad. Often a smaller ad gets placed on a page with other smaller ads and your pictures are so dang small they leave anyone over 40 reaching for a magnifying glass. With the “Internet handicap,” a potential buyer can see so much more on their computer screen. In addition, we can access viewer reports, so the sellers know potential buyers are truly seeing that their house on the market.

Here is an example of a video that shows a beautiful house I have listed for sale in Pleasant Valley, Underhill, Vermont.

For those who like to study photos, here is the same house shot in still photography.

Level the Playing Field of Real Estate Marketing   Level the Playing Field of Real Estate Marketing

Level the Playing Field of Real Estate Marketing   Level the Playing Field of Real Estate Marketing

Below is a video demonstration of what YouTube has done for the real estate market. I can talk about this house all day, and after you see it, you will talk about it all day. It is truly remarkable and has undergone a restoration that I have not seen since my days of living on Nantucket Island, where the historic wealth of the island lead homeowners to keep local history alive.

So, as I heard an 80-year-old gentlemen say the other day, “Go to the Google” and take a new look at what is on the market in real estate today.

Pleasant Valley Real Estate has so much more to offer now for advertising and marketing opportunities. And that leads us to one of the first steps in preparing your house to go on the market: Staging Your Home. Come back and read about how to stage your home in our next blog.

If you see any homes on my website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter (@LeaVanWinkle) that you’d like to look at, give me a call at 802-858-9193 and I’ll take you on a tour. If you’d like to list your house and take advantage of all the modern marketing options, I’d be happy to do that for you as well.

Lea Van Winkle, Owner/Broker

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