I Love Rural Vermont Real Estate

Rural Vermont Real EstateOne of my favorite (and original) quotes about rural Vermont real estate is this: “We drive to work, but we come home and play.”

In other words, yes, our commutes may be slightly longer, but after work and on weekends we are right where we want to be! Close to ski trails, backcountry trails, great cycling, and some of the best hiking in the state.

For years I have loved skiing at Smugglers’ Notch. My family and I have a great community of friends who also ski there, and it has been a great family place for all of us.

Rural Vermont Real EstateWhen our daughter was little I would take her to the indoor heated pool while my husband taught skiing. She was free-swimming before her third birthday (okay only one month before, but still…). In her teens, as she tired of endless swim meets, she started skiing with her Dad, and soon began working with him as well. Now, at age 19, she still teaches when she returns home from college and she and her Dad make time to ski together. I tend to work on weekends showing property, so I look for free moments during the week for some quick runs between appointments and office work. I miss skiing with my daughter, but she is now much faster than I am and I can’t really keep up anyway!

So, it’s been years of fun living in the foothills of Mount Mansfield and selling rural Vermont real estate. When it snows it is so pretty and soooo quiet, and that is not to say it’s not pretty here other time of the year! It’s pretty all year long, except for the season of mud.

Life is a little slower in rural Vermont, but our kids tend to grow up at a comfortable pace, with lots of outdoor time in their lives, and our schools are small and have great academic results.

It all depends on your lifestyle, but if you like outdoor living and the serenity and joys a rural community offers, come peruse my listings and see if you can find some rural Vermont real estate of your own, in Underhill, Cambridge, Jeffersonville, and Jericho, at the foothills of Mount Mansfield!

Lea Van Winkle, Owner/Broker

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