MMU Spring Playdowns

Jericho, Vermont, Mt. Mansfield Union High School

The main spring sports season is over for Mount Mansfield Union (MMU) and this past week we moved into the playdowns, to see which teams would make it to the semis finals and then onto the grand finale, the finals. It can be a very exciting time for these young athletes, as many of them are also finishing their high school careers.

My personal favorite is softball, which my daughter plays, and this is the sport I spend the most time watching. The MMU varsity softball team has had an impressive season, with 11 wins, 4 losses, and one tied game (due to rain, it could not be played out).

MMU won against Burlington High School in the playdowns with a final score of 7-2. They played St. Johnsbury Academy this past Saturday, June 4, in St. Johnsbury. During the season they lost to St. J. by one run. The finals this past Saturday was a real nail-biter, and the score was 3 to 4 over eight innings. To see who won, click HERE.

Enjoy, and stayed tuned for more! GO COUGARS!

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