Mud season in Vermont

Mud Season in Vermont

Mud season in VermontIf you don’t want to sell your house, April is the time to list it. Sound confusing? Hear me out.

Mud season and selling homes do not go hand in hand, and April is mud season in Vermont. Mud season has one thing in common with ski season: picking your line. How are you going to navigate the obstacles that lie ahead? The obstacles during ski season are moguls, trees, and other people; for mud-season drivers, it’s ruts and frost heaves.

If you live in town, where roads are paved and movie theaters are abundant, you are ahead of the curve. But if you live on a dirt road in rural Vermont, you might want to consider taking a vacation and listing your house when you come home at the end of April. By then, leaves will be budding, grass will be growing, perennials will be showing, and ruts and frost heaves will have returned to their normal state.

Never mind the ruts and potholes, let’s talk about the venerable frost heave. Once, when I was showing property to out-of-state folks, they saw as sign that said, Frost Heaves Ahead. They asked me if the road was puking. I said, yes, in a way, it was.

That is why I encourage my rural clients to wait a week or two before listing their homes during mud season, because mud season and real estate can be difficult. No point in listing your home when people can’t even drive to it. Besides, I need a Mud season in Vermontvacation, too!

When we all get back to Vermont in May, and you still want to sell your house, give me a call. May in Vermont is the perfect time to sell your home. May is full of hope. Not mud.

Lea Van Winkle, Realtor/Broker

Sotheby’s Four Seasons International Realty

Stowe, Vermont



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