Mud Season, the 5th Vermont Season

It is something that our small towns and rural areas in Vermont share and that is a 5th season. Underhill This season runs between winter and spring. We, who live out here and drive our country dirt roads experience more acutely than our urban Vermonters. Affectionately, we refer to this time of year as Mud Season. While we have so much to brag about with our scenic views, and vast outdoor playgrounds and our simpler way of life, mud season is something we ‘get through’. We hope that it only lasts a few weeks.


So, to pay tribute to this time of year I have posted a rather known look of our dirt roads and photos of where we will be soon!

Have no fear though, this season is short and just peaking   through the ground from a long winter’s nap you can see the crocus’s and daffodils coming through. Soon our lawns will all be a lush green with all of our spring perennials in full bloom.

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