Night Life in Underhill Vermont

My husband’s niece, now 20 years old, has often bemoaned coming to Vermont to visit us. We have no cell service and we just recently got broad band. She couldn’t text anyone and she couldn’t use her email, not to mention that we are 45 minutes away from any downtown shopping or restaurant-type areas. She hated coming here, often exclaiming, “Where is the night life in Underhill Vermont? What do you do here?”

Night life in Underhill VermontWe go outside, that is what we do! We get together at night and ski with our headlamps, we get up early on Saturday’s and Sunday’s to go skiing at Smuggs. (Well, actually I work on Saturday’s, but according to an earlier blog, I play hooky during the week and ski… sshhhh).

We have our friends over for dinner and then we all go for an evening ski or a walk.

Sometimes we even take care of outdoor chores, as shown in this photo of my husband “under the lights.” Handsome isn’t he?

Night life in Underhill Vermont

There’s a humorous article in the New Yorker called Just in Time for Spring, It’s about the how everyone should spend some time outdoors. It clears the mind and frees the spirit.

As you can see, with some imagination and a headlamp, it’s easy to have a great night life in Underhill, Vermont. And we have no problem Going Outside. We love it!

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