Vermont peak foliage

Peak Foliage in Vermont is Now!

Vermont peak foliageHave we peaked yet? That is the daily question. And the answer is yes, we have. Yesterday and today! Here in the Stowe, Underhill, Waterbury area, peak foliage in Vermont is now!

I love summer and hate to see it end, but the slow build of fall color always pulls me in and makes me forget about summer’s end. I see leaves starting to change and little by little every day gets more colofrul. Then one day you just know: WOW we’ve peaked!

That was yesterday for me.

Vermont peak foliageI have been driving through Smugglers’ Notch several times a week on my way to Stowe. The views have been delightful and on some days I saw more people in the Notch than I did trees. Yesterday, however I had to go to Waterbury and came home via the interstate. OMG the colors were outstanding! It was the bowl of Trix I look for every year, raspberry red, lemon yellow, and orange orange. It was so hard not to keep gawking like a leaf-peeping tourist.

What was an anomaly this year was how late the fall foliage peaked. Generally around Columbus Day it is much colder, the colors have peaked and the leaves are beginning to fall. But this year was different. It was a slow build of colors as the weather stayed unseasonably warm. I wondered if it would be a bit dull or not as vibrant. Then yesterday proved that fear totally wrong. It was outstanding and vibrant and even still I see leaves that have not yet changed.

Vermont peak foliageJust to demonstrate our foliage this year we present a series of photos from our favorite local photographers, Kate Carter, Bruce Morrissey, and Eric Fitzgerald. Tell us which is your favorite.

Email me at I’d live to hear from you!

Top: Waterbury Reservoir by Kate Carter.

#1. Pete’s Greens, Route 100, Waterbury Center, by Kate Carter.

Vermont peak foliage#2. Route 108 through Smugglers’ Notch, courtesy Town of

Jeffersonville via Facebook.

#3. Mount Mansfield by Bruce Morrissey.

#4. Stowe Community Church by Eric Fitzgerald.

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