Post and Beam Homes

Post and beam homesPost and beam homes are one of my very favorite styles of house construction. I absolutely love these solid structures with their large open rooms and high ceilings, often with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

In a nutshell, post and beam construction is a system of horizontal beams that transfer structural loads to vertical posts. More traditional post and beam construction also employs a series of diagonal braces that reinforce the beams and help make the structure rigid.

Post and beam homes look and feel like a mountain home, made to withstand extremes—the huffing and puffing and blow-your-house-down kind of extremes! I am not talking about three little pigs and a big bad wolf. I’m referring to the area of Underhill and Cambridge known as Pleasant Valley. One of the most scenic corridors in Vermont, Pleasant Valley sits uniquely in a bowl just below The Chin of Mt. Mansfield. When conditions are just right, wind gets trapped in Pleasant Valley and then releases itself with whiplash force. Winds have been known to exceed 100mph.

Of course there are more advantages to post and beam homes than just standing up to the big bad wind. They are framed in such a way that usually the walls are not supporting structures. That means you can literally change rooms by creating or deleting existing walls. Post and beam homes also afford the possibility of The Grand Room for the same reason.

Post and beam homes     Post and beam homes     Post and beam homes

These are photos of one of my post and beam homes currently for sale on Jackson Hill Road in Underhill, Vt. If you are interested please feel free to email me for a copy of a video tour of this house. For many  more photos go to this Facebook album.

For a personal tour of the house, give me a call at 802-858-9193.


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