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Pleasant Valley Real Estate photographer

Real estate photographer Kate Carter with Brewster on Phoebe on Spruce Peak, Stowe, Vermont.

In my last blog I talked about the importance of aerial video for real estate marketing. This blog discusses still photography, the need for a real estate photographer, and why it’s important to have an inventory of high-quality photos of your real estate listings.

As the owner and broker at Pleasant Valley Real Estate, I realized a few years ago that my photos were not up to snuff. I don’t have a good camera, different lenses, a tripod, or the time to take photos. So I hired a professional photographer, Kate Carter, to shoot all my listings. It has been a total game-changer for me.

Let me say right here, right now, that shooting your properties with your smartphone is a disservice to your clients. A cell phone will take mediocre low-resolution images that will suffice for the internet, but the resolution and quality will not work for any print advertising you might want to do. Also, I have yet to meet a smartphone with interchangeable lenses. You simply can’t get the variety of angles with a cell phone. That’s why you need to hire a real estate photographer.

Kate shoots with a Canon D40. “I’ve been shooting with my D40 for five or six years and it has never let me down,” she says.  For exterior shots she uses an 18-85 zoom lens and for interiors she switches to a super-wide-angle 10-22 zoom lens. “I love that lens. It’s my secret weapon,” she says. Kate also shoots interiors using a tripod and flash. “The tripod is a must-have,” Kate says. “You can shoot at a very slow shutter speed and combine natural light with fill-in light from a flash. Mine is a Metz 58 AF-1, with rechargeable batteries.”

Examples of quality interiors. Kate shot both with her “secret weapon” lens.

Pleasant Valley Real Estate photographer        Pleasant Valley Real Estate photographer

Once Kate is done shooting she returns to her office and edits the photos in Photoshop. If something is a little too dark she can lighten it; if it’s slightly crooked she can rotate it. Then she emails me the low-resolution version of every shot she took. I choose the ones I like best and upload them to MLS.

Social media and print advertising

I also use the low-resolution images for all my social media. I make a Facebook album for each property I list, then promote the album on Facebook and also provide the album link to interested parties. I also use the low-resolution images for LinkedIn and Twitter. Print advertising requires high-resolution images, and Kate provides me with a high-resolution image of every shot she takes. The versatility of her shots allows me to represent my clients in the most professional way possible.

If you are a real estate agent, I highly recommend you hire a professional photographer to shoot your listings. You can reach Kate at Her rates are quite reasonable and she turns her photos around quickly.

If you intend to put your house on the market, give me a call at 802-858-9193 or contact me through my website. I’d be happy to represent you and I promise I’ll send Kate to photograph your property so that anyone looking at the photos will be so impressed they’ll want to see your home in person.

Thanks for reading!

Lea Van Winkle, Owner Broker

Pleasant Valley Real Estate

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