Real Estate Possibilities or Pipe Dreams

Real Estate Possibilities or Pipe Dreams

This is a wonderful house in a stunning location. And it’s for sale! Click the image for more info.

As the owner/broker of Pleasant Valley Real Estate, I have worked with many people who want to sell or buy a house in Vermont. Everyone is different and has different wishes, dreams, and needs. That said, some of the same wishes, dreams, and needs keep coming up again and again. They are things that sellers and buyers wish would happen, but probably won’t. They are what I call real estate possibilities or pipe dreams.

The possibilities are just that. Possible. The pipe dreams are fantasies. Here are some of the most common real estate possibilities or pipe dreams I have heard over the years.

Buyer: “Is this wall structural? I’d like to tear it down.”

I hear this most often about the wall that divides the kitchen from the dining room. Clearly these people want a more open floor plan. I wish they had told me that sooner, but now I know. Fortunately, some structural walls can be removed by a skilled and creative contractor. But that will add a few grand to the price. I consider this a possibility.

Real Estate Possibilities or Pipe Dreams

Here’s an example of a mediocre house in a jaw-dropping setting. It has not sold yet.

Buyer: “I wish I could take this house and put it in that location.”

Well, you can’t. You must leave the land of fantasy and come back to reality. I hear this when I’ve shown a mediocre house in a stunning location, or vice versa. I show these properties because they are in the buyer’s price range. You can probably find a stunning house in an equally stunning location, but you won’t be able to afford it. This house in that location will be out of your price range. It’s a pipe dream.

Seller: “I wish someone would call me up and offer me my asking price.”

It’s probably not going to happen, unless your asking price is low. In my experience, everyone’s asking price is too high because they feel the need to have negotiating room. I did recently sell a condo that was priced to sell TODAY and I sold it in a day. Of course, the seller then thought he had priced it too low. That’s why I file this under pipe dreams.

Real Estate Possibilities or Pipe DreamsBuyer: “I hope the seller likes us so much they want us to have their house.”

I suppose anything is possible. Be creative. Put together a nice letter with a photo of the kids and the dog and send it to the seller. Plead your case. Beg. You never know. Back to reality: In the current real estate market climate, most sellers want as much cash as they can get to move on with their lives. I have never seen a seller chose to sell to someone they like over someone who has offered more money. My advice is to make a higher offer. The reality is, if you think someone will choose your cute family over more money, well, you’re experiencing a pipe dream.

It’s been fun sharing my experiences with you. Come back in a few days and read my next blog. And if you want to sell your buy a house, give me a call at 802-858-9195 or send me an email. I’d be happy to work with you and see if you have any new real estate possibilities or pipe dreams.
Lea Van Winkle, Owner/Broker
Pleasant Valley Real Estate

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