Scenic Country Roads: Jericho and Underhill Vermont

One of the many beautiful scenic country roads in Jericho and Underhill is Cilley Hill Road. About 5.5 miles long, the road is mostly dirt and shaped like a horseshoe. It begins off of Route 15 in Jericho and ends on Route 15 in Underhill. If you are coming the other way, it starts in Underhill and ends in Jericho. The road climbs at both ends and at the top of the hill the vistas are stunning, as you can see.

 Scenic Country Roads      Scenic Country Roads

Cilley Hill is one of the many roads in Vermont that is still home to working farms. Scenic country roads

Scenic country roadsCilley is famous for two things: Freedom Farm Horse Stables, which is at the entrance of Cilley Hill Road in Jericho; and pumpkins. Every Halloween the residents of this neighborhood carve hundreds of pumpkins and display them along the river, bridge and landscaping. Cars get backed up to route 15 as people make their way through this delightful accomplishment.

At the top of Cilley Hill Road the road is lined by beautiful trees, offering a pleasant and peaceful feel.

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As you begin your journey down Cilley Hill into Underhill there is a quintessential one-lane bridge with Brown’s river flowing below. The backdrop to all of this, of course, is Mount Mansfield. Scenic country roads

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