Scenic Country Roads, Underhill Vermont

One of the reasons for Vermont’s natural beauty is its scenic country roads. In this blog and in future blogs I will post photos taken on scenic country roads in Underhill, Jericho, Cambridge, Jeffersonville, and Richmond.

Scenic Country Roads

Irish Settlement Road is located off in Underhill Center. “The Center” is known for its scenic vistas. Irish Settlement Road is seven miles long and dirt from end to end. The views of Mount Mansfield are spectacular and change with every turn in the road. For example, the photo above shows the west-facing side of “The Chin” and Pleasant Ridge as it descends to Pleasant Valley.

This next view shows the distinct “Nose” (at right with tower) and a prominent “Chin” (high point).

Scenic Country Roads

And here is a view of a bucolic red barn in winter.

Scenic Country Roads

This is the same red barn from the other side. See how the view changes?

Scenic Country Roads

A local entrepreneur.                                                        Full view of Mount Mansfield.

Scenic Country Roads     Scenic Country Roads

Coming soon: More scenic country road photos, next time featuring Jericho, Vermont.

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