My first date with my with my husband of 20 years was at Smugglers’ Notch Resort in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Charlie was a ski instructor there, and our date was just before Thanksgiving, when the ski school was holding their pre-season training. We made arrangements to meet and go skiing after his day of training, but truth be told, we changed our date to dinner and a movie because the wind was blowing sooo hard it seemed to make sense to meet somewhere indoors. Nevertheless, from the time we met our lives have revolved around this wonderful family resort.

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Ski Town Living

We bought our house in Underhill in 1993 and we are still here. We live 15 minutes from Smugglers’ Notch Resort (affectionately referred to as Smuggs). When our daughter, Shelbe, was a toddler I would bring her to the pool at Smuggs and spend hours with her there while Charlie taught skiing. Shelbe didn’t ski yet, but Smuggs still offered us family-time fun. In fact, Shelbe was actually swimming on her own by the time she was three, and she started skiing right around that time, too.

While we have four seasons in Vermont, winter is by far the longest. Charlie and I met in 1989 and we have skied at Smuggs every winter since. Charlie still teaches skiing and now Shelbe teaches there as well. Me? I just ski.

Family Fun at Smugglers’ Notch Resort

Make no mistake, Smuggs is a family resort designed to offer the whole family enjoyment, with ski-in and ski-out condos, a great children’s ski program, afternoon entertainment for kids, a teen center, restaurants, and evening entertainment for families, and just down the mountain road is the quaint town of Jeffersonville.

So, 22 years later, we still ski at Smuggs, where our our relationship got its start. I hope we are still skiing in another 20 years. Like I always say, “We drive to work but come home to play.”

It has been an unseasonably warm November, but skiing will begin any day now, and my family and I will once again enjoy another great season of skiing at Smugglers’ Notch Resort.

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