Spring of 2011 — Lots of Rain and Wind!

With the relentless snowstorms that hammered us this past winter, we thought winters of long ago had returned, but this spring far exceeds anything I have seen in years!

Here in Underhill Center, Vermont, we hold bragging rights for our high winds. Uniquely situated below Mt. Mansfield, we seem to be a magnet for huge wind storms. I have lived in Underhill for 18 years and have watched and listened to some mighty winds, but this year takes the cake for both the number of storms and wind speeds.

We lost a large cherry tree that was ages old. It was blown over, root ball and all.

We also lost our roof. Yikes!

But now my garden is growing beautifully and reminds us that Mother Nature is both harsh and beautiful at the same time.

I love living here in Underhill Center. It is so pretty and so awesome and I thank my lucky stars that this lovely area is not facing the devastation that my friends on Lake Champlain are dealing with this spring.

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