Sunrise to Sunset

Years ago I when worked at a real estate office located downtown on the lakefront in Burlington, I use to think I had the best of both worlds: the Green Mountains and the sunrise in the morning to the east, and Lake Champlain and the sunsets in the afternoon to the west. I enjoyed that sunrise to sunset everyday, except when it was cloudy, of course. Now I still live in the mountains and I have the good fortune of having a home built with east/west exposure, therefore granting me the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the afternoon.

View of Green Mountains across Lake Champlain  View of Lake Champlain at sunset.

Sunrise over Lake Champlain, looking east at Green Mountains, and sunset over Lake Champlain, looking west.

Sunny Homes, Homes with Views

So, exposure for a house setting can be key to your everyday needs. Me, I want a sunny house all day long (disclaimer: except on cloudy days, but we don’t have many of those do we?). Another person might like a house tucked in the woods with limited sunlight, but with southern exposure to take advantage of what light there is. Then again, some simply don’t care as long as they get the view.

On the western side of Mount Mansfield, where Underhill, Jericho, Cambridge, and Jeffersonville are located, the best views are eastern views with great morning light. Depending on what lies behind you, you may not get the western light.

If the day ever comes that I must move off of our hill I will seek a location that offers me the best exposure to as much light in my house as possible. It could be southern exposure with great windows, or it could be another east/west exposure. As long as I have lots of sunlight in my house, I don’t have to have great views.

Here is a great examples of a home and land with various exposures. If you want to see this house  in person, contact me for a personal tour.

House for sale in Underhill, Vermont  Morning view of Mount Mansfield's chin.  View of Mount Mansfield Alpenglow.

Underhill, Vermont, house for sale, situated to get afternoon sun, with views of Mount Mansfield’s Chin and Alpenglow.

Or you could move to Florida, but I won’t be able to help you find a home with this view:

Ocean sunset.

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