Pleasant Valley Vermont

The Un-Cut Version

The ‘Uncut Version’

When was the last time you can remember hearing an ‘uncut version’ of a tune that we knew one way but this uncut version was always in the background, like an old Dillon song revived. Well I consider my side of Mount Mansfield the ‘Uncut version’

In fact there are many faces of Mansfield as seen here… 

Pleasant Valley Vermont

Currently I live in Underhill VT but 30+ years ago I lived in Stowe (fun fact, started my real estate career there). Living in a resort town offers so many opportunities but living on the other side of the hill offers something entirely different, The ‘Uncut Version’ Some plusses and minuses for both:

Pleasant Valley (Underhill and Cambridge):

Underhill  and Cambridge are small rural communities with a populations of 3,000  and 3659 people respectfully and we are on the western edge of Chittenden County and the eastern edge of Lamoille. People choose to live here for different reasons but ultimately we all appreciate what living at the foothills of Mount Mansfield offers us on a year round basis. The biking, hiking, skiing , birding, gardening and so much more is what keeps people coming to this area. People tend to like their privacy and  space but they are always willing to enjoy a prompt to community gathering. Town meeting day is alive and thriving out here where much of the town business actually comes to the floor and gets voted on. After wards we all share a hot meal together in the school cafeteria. The food is supplied by many local folks for this gathering, all volunteered. The majority of the residents are year round. We are somewhat bedroom communities where many of drive 45 minutes +/- to work or telecommute from home.

Pleasant Valley Vermont

The Pleasant Valley Side of Mansfield

We are in close proximity to Smuggler’s Notch Ski Area. Smuggler’s Notch or more familiarly called..Smuggs is renowned as a family friendly  resort. #Whywelivehere is one of my favorite expressions, however Underhill is not convenient to say shopping, theaters, shows or dining.We do have JCAT but that is actually in Jericho and an 11 mile drive otherwise you are driving 25 min+ or gathering with friends at their place, but hey what is wrong with that? However, if you find you need eggs, butter or milk you either hope your neighbor has chickens at least or well you have an 8 mile drive to get them. Both Cambridge and Jericho have family stores and some other amenities but they are a few miles drive away.

All in all when deciding for the ‘Uncut Version’ or more of the known cuts it is what we desire most that will aid us in making our decisions and if you enjoy the quieter side of town don’t forget to take a drive over to see the ‘uncut version’

Pleasant Valley Vermont

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