tips for a smooth move

Tips for a Smooth Move

tips for a smooth movePlease welcome guest blogger Kelli Brewer.

If you’ve recently purchased your first home or are moving to a new home, congratulations! Moving day is the start of a new adventure. But there are a few things you should be aware of before the van backs into the driveway. Here are some tips for a smooth move.

Unless you pay for a full-service move, you are responsible for packing your personal belongings.

Your moving company will likely be able to sell you boxes, packing tape, and other associated materials, but, ultimately, you’re responsible for properly packaging your personal belongings. Don’t assume that your moving company will do it for you. Full-service moving is available through most major movers, but it is something you will need to request and pay a premium for. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for additional time if your home is not packed and ready when it’s time to go. The Unpackt blog offers additional tips on moving day etiquette.

It’s best to (temporarily) relocate Spot or Miss Kitty before the movers arrive.

Moving day is stressful on you and can be doubly so on your pets, who won’t understand what’s happening. Consider outsourcing pet care to a local pet sitter who can keep Fido free from harm while you manage the move. The last thing you want is your curious kitty or daring dog bolting through an unattended open door in the midst of the moving madness.

If you want to avoid a meltdown with the kids, put them in charge of packing a special bag for themselves.

There’s a good chance that your kids don’t want to be stuck in the middle of moving in the first place. This is especially true if they’ve already begun school and are struggling with leaving their friends, teachers, and familiar surroundings. Let them pack a bag of special toys, games, snacks, and books for the journey to your new home. also recommends having a box of much-loved items marked so the movers can bring that into the new home before anything else.

Keep in mind that your delivery estimate is just that, an estimate.

Coordinating a move is a lot like building a machine. There are lots of moving parts and if any one of them experience any kind of delay, the entire process may be wrecked. When you sign your contract with your moving company they will offer you an estimate and a proposed timeline of when your belongings will be packed, in transit, and unloaded. Anything from excessive traffic to a flat tire to inclement weather can impact your moving schedule. Make plans to keep a suitcase full of essentials—including a change of clothes for each family member, pajamas, toiletries, and medications—with you in case of delay. Real Simple offers more tips on making moving day a painless process in this Tweetable post.

You probably don’t have to move everything own.

The Spruce says it best, “Moving is the perfect time to sort through your stuff and decide what needs to be moved.” If you’ve lived in your home for more than a year, you have almost certainly accumulated at least a box full of items you will never use again. Ripped jeans, old books, and mismatched Tupperware should all find a new home on the curb or at your local Goodwill. Consider the size of your new house and decide which large pieces of furniture won’t be making the move with you. If you are downsizing, you won’t have anywhere to store excess furniture anyway. This is a great chance to have a yard sale or bequeath usable items to charity.

It’s overwhelming, I know. But all of your hard work will soon pay off and you’ll be settled in your new home. Pack before the movers arrive, find a safe space for Spot, give the kids a job, and use your move as an opportunity to clear the clutter from your life and home.

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